watermelon gazpacho


I can remember the very first time I had a cold fruit soup.  It was strawberry actually, and it was divine.  I remember the day well, funny how foods, flavors and aromas all intertwine with deep, old memories.   This is my little spin on that cool summer- soup vibe.

Smoothies and soups are so easy on digestion, they make a great choice as a clean eater… and are so satisfying.   This is a delicious watermelon gazpacho recipe that I have added to my 10 day detox.

Makes about 6 servings

6 cups of watermelon (reserve and dice 1 cup)
2 sweet orange peppers “ 1 diced fine
1 cucumber, peeled (reserve and dice 1/3)
½ bunch parsley chopped
½ bunch cilantro chopped
½ shallot
2 tablespoons raw onion
½ jalapeno seeded and ribs removed
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
pinch sea salt and pepper

Finely dice just the reserved amounts of watermelon, orange pepper, and cucumber. Put aside.

Add 5 cups of watermelon, 1 orange pepper, 2/3 of a cucumber,  and onion to container of a high-speed blender.  Zip it up.  Then add apple cider vinegar and olive oil, salt & pepper and stir. Finally, add the diced watermelon, cucumber, pepper, jalapeño, chopped parsley, and cilantro.

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