Pea Shoots and Arugula Microgreen Salad


It used to be that microgreens were only available to the culinary world, now we can pick and choose from a variety of interesting zesty little greens at the market. Whole Foods has a lovely assortment. Microgreens are harvested just after the germination and sprouting stage. All the nutrients needed to grow into a fully mature plant are stored in these tiny little greens, and we can benefit from all of that densely packed nutrition. Research has proven that microgreens can range from 4 times, all the way up to 40 times more nutrient rich than their full-grown counterpart.

For this salad, I simply roasted 2 beets at about 350 for 35 minutes, drizzle them with olive oil and salt. Once cooled, slice them up. Toss pea shoots, arugula microgreens, pomegranate seeds, beets, sliced radish, olive oil, the juice and zest from one satsuma orange, salt & pepper.


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