5 Simple Steps To Better Wellness

Magical Morning Elixir

Morning hydration and restoring alkalinity are both key for healthy cell regeneration. Start your glorious day with a mug of warm water, lemon and a splash apple cider vinegar. The rewards and benefits are endless. After a long nights sleep, you wake up in a state of detox, your body is dehydrated from the nights sleep. Nourish and rehydrate your cells with what it needs, living water! Not coffee, which further dehydrates the body.

Go Green

Make either a green smoothie or a green juice every day. By including these life giving veggies in abundance, we help to keep our vital energy going. In one smoothie you can easily consume 1 cup of greens that are filled with high levels of antioxidants and chlorophyll. A balanced smoothie with some hemp protein will fill you up and give you amazing energy to start your day.


Believe it or not SPROUTS are an amazing source of protein. A sprout is incredibly unique and packed with densely stored nutrition. Loaded with not only abundant vitamins and minerals but rich in important phytonutrients and enzymes. Sprouts and micro-greens can be 40 times more nutritious than it™s full grown counterpart.


Including sea vegetables is another great addition to add to your diet daily. Sea-veggies contain an enormous amount of minerals and contain all essential sugars. They are anti fungal and antimicrobial. Also, they are a great source of iron and iodine and can be important to anyone who has a slow thyroid.

Raw Sauerkraut

Our immunity begins in the gut. We need a strong and clean gut. Our digestion is often over-run by bad bacteria that can create inflammation, bloat, weight-gain, fatigue and serious illness. In order to kill these pathogens and bad bacteria we need to send our armies of good bacteria out into the gut and fight! That™s where our probiotics come in! You can stabilize your gut and maintain clean gut health by eating ½ cup of fermented veggies every day.

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