10 Day
New Year / New You / Detox


Monday January 21st – Friday February 1st
Eat with Mia Monday – Friday and go it alone over the weekend.

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Let’s Make It A Happy New Year!

Recipes, meal plans, tips, snack ideas and lots of love & support!

Weight-loss, immune support, cancer fighting and weight loss recipes.  Come cook with me for 10 days, and your body and your family will say “Thank You!”

Having your own health coach makes a big difference

You will be in a private Facebook group with Mia as your coach. You can private message her for one on one advice, share photos, and get her info and advice along with tips and support from other members every day in a group setting.


Menu Hacking

Skip the mealplan and recipes and just have Mia as your own private health coach and menu hacker.
Have a glass of wine, enjoy! Turn your vacation into a spa retreat! Mia will support you throughout your vacation.

Your Health Coach is talented

Mia Russo Stern Seeding A Pomegranate

Since she was a child, Mia has been in the kitchen creating delicious meals for friends and family. Her taste and ability to combine flavors and create new dishes and healthy recreations is legendary. Whether it’s the delicious recipes she crafts or the vision she has to skim through a menu and hack it for optimal health and taste, it’s empowering to have her on your side.

Why does it work so well?

Because knowing what we are supposed to eat and what we are supposed to avoid is not all of it. To really be in control, you need more than just information, we need motivation, someone to help us feel in control!

Mia can motivate you like never before

You will learn so many amazing tips and tools about healthy eating, superfoods, inflammation, detox, and weight loss!

Here are some of the goodies you will receive

  • 10 Days of Suggested meals and recipes
  • A guide that helps you to understand what you are doing and why!
  • A shopping list
  • Facebook forum with Mia that will be loaded with daily tips and inspiration

Mia loves sharing quick and easy tips like this superfood breakfast bowl.

Here’s how it works

  • Sign up for my program online
  • Download and print your files
  • Come and hang out with me ASAP in our private Facebook group where I will be waiting for you!
  • Start cleaning out the fake foods from your cupboards
  • Get ready to reframe your shopping cart, lose the weight,  and watch your dreams come true!