Clean Eating Program
7 Days of Delicious RecipesWe Start March 4th - March 10th

You have the power to lose the weight that you want, and feel energized, healthy and vibrant. Get ready for Spring!

I will teach you how to put simple, healthy meals together. These meals are carefully created for optimal health, vibrant joyful energy and of course shedding those unwanted pounds.

Losing weight and making healthy choices can seem overwhelming, I know. That’s why we go through the program together as a group

Hi! I'm Mia.

I am a Certified Health Coach, Raw Food Chef, Recipe Developer and Food Blogger. I am a super busy mom, artist, entrepreneur  and I know how it feels to struggle to get breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table for YOU and for your family. I get it! I work with both women and men to help them feel their absolute BEST, from spirit to body.

Jumpstart Your Health with Mia’s Proven Clean Eating Program

Are you ready to transform your eating habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle?

Join us at Organically Thin for an exclusive clean eating program, expertly curated by Mia.

Why Choose Organically Thin?

What's Included

Embrace a journey of clean eating that focuses on getting into the kitchen, this program is not about losing weight. It's about feeling empowered, and making great choices.

Raise Your Energy

You’ll feel 10 years younger when you ditch the toxins along with the afternoon crash and bum. 

Reduce Cravings

This step-by-step approach is designed to help you finally figure out which foods work for and fuel you – and which ones don’t – safely and quickly.

Lose Weight

Get into the kitchen and enjoy real food! It’s a simple, tasty way to boost your metabolism and manage weight.

This is a fun collective group of like minded people looking to eat well and make changes that will last!
I created this program so that you have everything you need to be successful: From amazing support to delicious recipes that you can cook with ease – finally, a program that is not heavy on fluff and gives you ALL of the tools you need. -mia

Private Facebook Group

You will have access to a private facebook group where you can exchange your experience, progress and discoveries with other fellow students.

Life Coaching Inspiration

Enhance your wellness journey with tailored goal setting, illuminate your path with Mia's intuitive guidance.

Easy Recipes & Recipe on Demand

This plan is a recipe based program.

Lifetime Access

Your materials are downloadable in pdf format. They are yours to keep and refer to over and over.

And more...

It is easy not to cheat on this detox because the food is so good! I feel like I'm at canyon ranch or something like that...
Hi, it's Nancy. Just thought I'd identify 
myself because you might not recognize my post since my fingers are hitting the keyboard 6.5 pounds lighter.    Thank you, Mia! I couldn't have done it without you. You're the best!
True story: last night my husband goes "what's up with your eyes? They're extra shiny and clear.

Here's what's waiting for you inside the program:

Our Program Guide

This guide is PACKED with tools, tips and tricks. You will learn to listen to your body and understand what it truly needs and wants. I will be by your side every step of the way. We’re getting to WORK! And by the end of the program you’ll have a simple, clear, actionable plan to keep your health and energy on track. ($125 value)

Versatile Recipe Plan

The versatile Plan comes with all the recipes you will need including Daily Practices, complete ingredient checklist, delicious easy to make recipes and meal plan guidance. Snacks suggestions and gorgeous recipes with video tutorials to give you a complete guide so you are never lost during the detox. ($75 value)

Private Group Support on Facebook

This program is also about the community. Your peers are here to support you and to carry you when you need it. This group is invaluable and accessible 24/7 so you can get some help or share your experience with like-minded students.

Bonus: Video Cooking Instructions

All new video tutorials of just about ALL of the recipes being prepared. You can watch them in advance and anytime you need them.

Thank you!! You truly changed my life!!! I'm praying I have the strength to stay on track after day 10...may turn it into a 20 day detox The words thank you don't seem enough!! I've never felt better! The greatest change has been to my spirit...I've never felt so positive! So grateful!!
Thank you Mia!! I am totally loving it. And it's more fun because my husband and son want to do it too so I have 3 people to cook for. So glad I did it now before he leaves for college - he would have missed it! And omg that sweet potato soup is AMAZING.
This was so much fun! I LOVED all the recipes you shared with me. You truly have a gift--thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Keep inspiring my dear friends looking forward to the next detox. I love you so much! xoxo

Heck Yeah, Mia, I am so ready!

7 Day Clean Eating Group
and LIVE group coaching


7 days of meal planning 

Shopping lists

Comprehensive guide

Private Facebook Group

Video Tutorials

Lifetime Access

Featured In

“What IF …

You had a sweet Italian grandma

to help you shop and cook, only she was actually hip and witty, and she gave you a shopping list that sent you down aisles you don’t actually go, and every time you checked Facebook, there were supportive friends chatting and sharing tips and recipes, and it was fine to eat chocolate, and every time you made a recipe, it took no time at all and instead of feeling like a diet, it felt like you went to culinary school, and that hip not-grandma virtually tucked you in every night with words of encouragement, and then you realize you feel 100% more alive than you felt before, and you get on the scale and you are 5 lbs lighter?

It’s like that!"