“Since my first detox in October 2014, I have lost 35 lbs. I have a better understanding of how to use fresh vegetables and fruits, and from Mia’s guidance (lol, and patience), I use my Ninja almost every day, to make unbelievable smoothies, dressings and soups. I have tackled cooking fears, tried tons of new food, and fought off cravings for the stuff I thought I needed ( halloween candy still threatens, but now I also have a green smoothie with straw in the fridge when I need a quick something). Rolling my collard greens up today, elevating my leg with a sprained ankle and dislocated toe, I felt really proud. Just sharing, since Mia Russo Stern asked how our day was going. P.s, I fell walking out to my new compost bin!”


“Just made the Frittata for breakfast:) I have kept going since the last detox and lost another lb and a half! Altogether 12 lbs and I’ve never felt better. Thank you!!”


“Wish I took a pic of my winter veggies before everyone ate them! Hottest item at dinner. It was a delicious organically thin day!!!!”


“Thank you!! You truly changed my life!!! I’m praying I have the strength to stay on track after day 10…may turn it into a 20 day detox
The words thank you don’t seem enough!! I’ve never felt better! The greatest change has been to my spirit…I’ve never felt so positive! So grateful!!”


“Thank you Mia!! I am totally loving it. And it’s more fun because my husband and son want to do it too so I have 3 people to cook for. So glad I did it now before he leaves for college – he would have missed it! And omg that sweet potato soup is AMAZING.”


“After a week of clean eating with your Organically Thin recipes, I lost six pounds and feel healthier and more energetic than ever. I love the on-line group discussions about healthy eating. It’s so important to make the extra time (not much) to care about the food we put into our bodies. Thank you for teaching me about the morning elixir, green juice, and a healthy life style.”


“This was so much fun! I LOVED all the recipes you shared with me. You truly have a gift–thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Keep inspiring my dear friends looking forward to the next detox. I love you so much! xoxo”


“Joe and I both lost. We are up to 8 lbs!! I can’t believe how Not hungry we feel.”


“The carrot soup was sooo good!! And I love the cranberry flush it was delish!”


“Soup was amazing!!!!!! Last night’s carrot, parsnip amazing too!!! I’m not a huge soup lover but BOTH ARE FABULOUS. Lost another pound today. 2 total!!!!!:))). Mia, you’re awesome. Slept great and headache gone:))) xo”


“I wanted to share some reactions I am having to this incredible experience. Yes, I have lost weight, and I cannot deny that has been highly motivating. But I am also amazed to feel differently on a moment-to-moment basis. It seems like I am sleeping heavier, deeper. I am less irritable: my mood is both more pleasant and more constant. I feel more energetic. There is a spring in my step that wasn’t there before. It’s sort of a combination of emotional and physical lightness. And of course there is the empowering feeling of self-efficacy that comes from taking charge of my health like this, taking care of myself, knowing what to do (thanks to a certain leader extraordinaire), and being able to stick to it (which, I will add, I would NEVER be able to do without the ability to eat RAW CACAO). One thing I had heard some people say they got as a benefit from a cleanse is their skin clearing up–and in my case, I haven’t really noticed any change in my complexion. But that’s just another part of learning about my body and how it works. Overall, I am just amazed at how transformative this has been. I really do want cheese, a bagel, and a Cadbury Creme Egg, but I can’t argue with how good I feel. Hope you all are having similar growth, improvement, and success! We are almost there!”


“It is easy not to cheat on this detox because the food is so good! I feel like I’m at canyon ranch or something like that…”


“So excited to say I’m down 6lbs and feeling great.”


“My skinny jeans fit !!!!! The joy that filled my body this morning when I easily zipped up these pants is indescribable.”


“Just wanted to say thank you soooo much. I think you have inspired all of us in so man ways! I had not used the food processor in 10 years – now I actually look forward to trying new recipes and creating fun, healthy foods! Will be in touch …XO”


“I am doing well and continue to eat well. I have slowly introduced some other items into my diet but I did the strict diet through April 25 and have lost total of 14 lbs. Feel wonderful and will be in touch. God bless you for sharing this with all of us.”


“I loved our daily chats. In fact I left work early everyday to get to my kitchen, open up our Facebook detox pg, cook and learn new recipes. I’m really a terrible cook and up until the detox I barely knew where the pots and pans were kept. Now I am learning everything and I’m loving it.”


“The sunflower pate is amazing!! My very first homemade smoothie! Love the vitamix. Pineapple kale.”


“I feel so good already- more energy and my stomach feels great. Even had willpower at my girls night tonight!”


“So much more energy. Not tired and no sugar cravings! I really cannot thank you enough. This has been such a gift.”


“I think I am more obsessed with food than ever – I never photographed my food before ? Also, when is the Spring Detox ???? Have to mark my calendar and do we get first dibs? Happy breakfast Ladies”


“I’m really surprised that I am not craving sugar?!?!”


“Mia, the recipes are all fabulous (especially loved the carrot parsnip and sweet potato soups), your videos are extremely helpful and your daily blasts are all filled with amazing suggestions on ways to nurture your mind, body and spirit!! You are an awesome role model and cheerleader! Thanks for everything.”


“True story: last night my husband goes “what’s up with your eyes? They’re extra shiny and clear.”


“I’m feeling a lot better esp after coming off medication. I’m finding I’m not hungry and only end up having the lemon water then smoothie then dinner. My family all loved the chicken and lentil soup! I’m looking forward to the curry cauliflower.”